Sunday, March 14, 2010

in this intersection....

I woke up n saw the sun's shining throughout the horizon.... again i slept after subuh *sigh*

no wonder I found myself so hard to study and my money deplete exponentially.. kurang rezeki orang kate kan tido after subuh....

within dis one month, the season when brisbane newcomers 're coming, i met so many people with various diversity of life. Sometimes i wonder, how our short meeting with each other can establish an unbreakable bond between us.... n together, we discuss with each other the path for us to find Ilahi..

i really like a quote from Hilal Asyraf ; "Tuhan tidak pernah lupekan Kita".. So i think it's not wrong for us to sit together and spare our time to ponder about Him and his wonderful creations...

Yesterday we went thru ar-Rahman and it is mentioned:

"Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both(jinn and men) deny?

Just a sentence to ponder ok=)

To Ayu, Bella, Zuhreen, Iqah, Ida, Sya'al and Syahirah...

Truly i wanna say i love you all, if you guys really realize your willingness to be with me really excite my heart.there's no word to describe..

I remember the day when we walked together, ate together, went around brisbane together, slept in my home together(even you guys slept on the floor, sorry sis, i love the couch very much,hohoho)

And the difficulties that we had gone through made our friendship grows stronger.

To my housemates, Kak Zatil, Kak Sarah & Ayu..

The one month of our togetherness as housemates is a splendid moment for me... Even it's just an ordinary thing for others, but for me I really appreciate these astounding moments..

I respect Kak Zatil due to her achievement from MJSC Lenggong and determination in which this aspires me to become a Pass Leader like her. I remember the time we cooked together in the kitchen when Ayu n Kak Sarah still in Malaysia. And I know you are a nasik-person,hohoho... I respect Kak Sarah due to her independence and wondering the way she try to fix the study desk together by herself. I remember when we had usrah together and cooked paprik togehther. Your quietness always startle(in the positive way) me kak.. And Ayu, you jus come here for about a month... we'd known each other since MJSC PC but becoming your housemate make me know you better. How I'm impressed with your organized-way and to compare with my messiness, it's really such a huge gap,hohoho

Truly to say, I'm not the best person to be a great housemate and friend. It's just this is who I am.. I try be good for everyone but sometimes i break one's heart, i disappoint you guys... n quite sometimes i become annoying person by inviting you to join any programme with me... But this is me, with my capability I try to make people happy but still at one point i'm not capable to satisfy everyone....

I'm really2 sorry but i hope our bond won't be tarnished with my wrongdoings.. The mistake that I'd done is not well-deserved with a sorry...

But still I beg, let's us become friends together..

I want to work for Him as my investment to Paradise, and I want my friends to be together so that we can step into it together. And here, i give my hand to ask you guys to be with me..Let's us hold our hands together so that whatever think happens, we'll strive together with our energy and surely with His blessing=)