Saturday, July 24, 2010

journey of laughs and tears

The one month had ended. The month that had carved memories in our hearts. The hearts belonged to Ayu, Ida, Syahirah, Syaal ,Bella,Iqah, Yen and me myself..

Our destination kept changing during this journey. It's not that we were all together. There would be the time when one of us had their own business to be prioritized on during this journey. But this unbreakable bond remain still until now because our heart has been tied by Him.

And within the journey of finding Ilahi, UNI (Ulfah Nur Insyirah) was born. This idea came from Syaal which bring the meaning of Friendship Lights of Happiness. It may sound lame to someone but I don't care because it has its mesmerizing effect on each of us.

This was the first interstate journey for Bella and she looked like enjoying the moments throughout this period. She's so good in becoming the one who's in charge in leading the way to each destination. With her Blackberry, she became the first one to arrive at WARM Camp with her group members. Thumbs up Bella! And I had had comments from a few sisters that she is very good in absorbing the message delivered through the seminars. It is true that the seminars that we have during the camp opened our eyes including me about out responsibility as a Messenger but due to her action of silence, it seems that she's thinking about the contents whole-heartedly.

To Ayu, sometimes I feel guilty because my lack of time spent together with her. She's my housemate yet I think we seem to be distant during this journey. I think I have pillow talk with everyone at Melbourne except her and Bella(Bella already had her sweet dreams of slumber every night ^^). But I'm very overwhelmed when I went back to Brisbane, there was a cheesecake written UNI on it in our fridge. She had put a great effort in her first attempt to bake the cake. But believe me Ayu, from the first day I met you in Brisbane, I know that you'll be my Harun as if I play a role as Moses and truthfully, you are there in my times of laughs and cries.

Ida had the most amount of pillow talk with me. Her experience reminded me of my crush at my high school. The difference is that our roles are reversed. From her story, it seems that I am the Romeo and the guy that I have a crush on is Juliet. I'm very sad for her. I think she had two biggest gut-wrenching difficulties during this journey. She had finished one and we are praying for her success. For another one I see she's developing her inner strength to fight the pressure. My doa is that you can strive to build your inner spirituality with Him.

To Syaal, I'm very touched with your letter. I am myself. There's nothing special about me. Ustaz Salam used to say, when a person grow up, he/she is influenced with people in his/her surrounding but when the person reaches 20, there are already about 30 people that have shapen his/her life. I just the one who sow the seed of fikrah which concentrates solely on Him. We may not be perfect but our effort does count right? I will remember our moments of baking carrot cake and Portugeese egg tart together. Don't you forget that we have a mission to establish a bakery business in the future.

Sometimes I feel very ashamed of myself because it took me about two years of thinking and travelling to set my mind as His servant in this Life.Your guys' heart are clearer from sins where it becomes faster for you to accept His Light. I still remember that within 6 months of knowing Tarbiyah, my heart still hard and rebellious towards His message but I'm very grateful because He let me met with greatest people that eventually become my companion.

To Syira, we spent our time together mostly in Sydney and Newcastle. You have a great chemistry with Ainina I can see that I know she's very close to you. But Thanz a lot for cooking sambal tempe for me. It's so mouth-watering and tastylicious!!
I will go to Gatton. you are the one who always concentrate in each work you are doing, making me wondering what is inside your mind. It's so unfortunate that I don't have a skill like Edward Cullen the vampire=p. I'll be going to Gatton with the doa that this journey will bring us close together.

To Iqah, we just managed to meet in my second week at Melbourne. we just had a few chats through hp but thank God we had our pillow and morning talks in Lygon St house. You used to say that you think you're not having sufficient knowledge in Islam and memorize few ayats in al-Quran but we're in the same boat my dear. but if we remember that many Sahabahs memorize less ayats yet they hv became the world's greatest people. However, we already received a complete mushaf in this era and it'll better if we try to memorize as many as we can in our mind. ^^

to Yen, how's Malaysia. Is there any jetlag when you go home in Malaysia and come back to Oz? How's your laptop? How's Sydney? hahaha, so many questions i would ask due to 1 month of not meeting. If you know how much we miss you during the journey. We always quote your line "Nak air ape?". you're the best pembancuh air among us with your five-star service. I really hope you'll join the trip when it comes to this spring holiday. But still yen, I will keep visiting you when the new semester has opened,ngeh3..

To Aina, welcome to UNI.. how Brisbane?? we met because of IDP, IB, biotechnology and the month of July. I also hope Aina manage to join the trip on this spring hols. You have the enigma, the spirit and the charisma to put yourself one more step further. Juz pray a lot and befriend good people, InsyaAllah your life will be blessed. Don't worry about adapting your life here, there are a lot of friend to lend a hand only for you Aina. And be a good housemate to Kak Diana ok my dear!!

and Diana, we still are waiting for you.. Welcome to Brisbane and let us draw our histories together as a Caliphate and His servant..



syahirahlahmi said...

dear sister..i love u so much..
u make me cry reading this post alone here..i will miss u..even we just met a few hours ago..but my heart strt trembling could I keep going on living here without all the sisters..thanks 4 da memories you gave me..hope we will meet again soon..

syera said...

what a lovely letter i wud say :)
thanks k.tikah!
p/s-thank god u didn't have edward's ability :P

Ayu Saidi said...

i'm touched tikah !
x pe la, sy x kisah... u can spend more time with them always.. ^_^

pendekar mata hati said...

to syaal, we'll meet again one day.. thanz for your readiness untuk melayan ape yg akak nak bake,sabo ajela kan,huhuhu

to syera, this is for lovely people i wud say,hohoho

to ayu, kata2 dr hati ayu.. let the tyme spent tu filled with purposes..nnt kite travel lg na