Monday, October 12, 2009

da chance

it has been 3 months i'd left KMB.... there r my footprints, my trash n part of my heart there..
it is a place where i'd tried 2 create my new entity,without considering people perception..

when i'm rewinding the first day i was there, i'd determined to ignore any posts related to Student Representative Council bcoz the burden that i had in MRSM PC was already enugh 4 me.. my intention was to join the challenging and famous clubs here. Hence, i really worked 4 it.. i participated in MPAC(drama club), dancerobics(well-known among girls), tae kwan do and Fish For Life )( this is the climax of my involvement in outdoor activities).

actually, IB students r required to complete 180hours for sports and clubs but i managed to complete 960hours within 2 years as the clubs that i joined are super-duper active... i love the experience 2 b here.. there r litres of sweats and tears involved in finishing the tesis, business report,bla3..

i'm not an excellent student in KMB but i'm still grateful to b an average student.. mY real aim before was to go to Intec because i really wanted 2 further my study at OZ...and the programme there is shorter than IB.. i'd made my mind to enjoy my life in KMB without intervention from anyone... despite of living in isolated place,surrounded by palm oil trees, i went out to Intec and taylors during weekends to meet my x-PC friends, and still, i felt a hole in my's so empty.... there r guys who offer their hands for a serious relationship 2 fill the hole but i rejected them.. i dont believe with love b4 marriage anymore.. is it make sense for teenagers who are unable 2 give a definite answer about responsibility claim that they can provide us wif the ultimate happiness... lol

KMB is an islamic school(this is agreed by many KMB students),but i'm quite skeptical with the nice people. Do they hv a happy life by restricting themselves from enjoyment? i became rebellious with the religious programmes but at one point when in a lecture theatre, stg struck into my heart... even my heart was hardened with ego, i cried endlessly(without anyone noticing it)...
the people in Africa ,Palestin n other Islamic countries r fighting 4 the sake of religion but in my country, there r so many Muslims destroying their faith....

the turning point eventually brought me to Al-Quran, real understanding about Islam... sometimes i'm wondering y Allah still give me this opportunity even i always neglect His orders.
it took me about 1 year to b really confident with my faith.. b4 this i was often curious with my own faith.. is it really true?? but now, i'm sure this DEEN is the truth comes from Him 4 us to practice..My god, i'm very weak.. there r so many dirts in my heart.. give me the Light, to guide me to the right path..

thank u becoz in KMB, finally i found my answer.. my understanding about Islam.. THANKs A LOT 4 this chance... n kMB, i love u bcoz of these splendid experiences.. u 'll remain in my heart ever after... =)


kuchinque said...

It's just Allah has plenty of love for us,
but indeed..
do we have anything to spare for Him?

Allah's love is just so great.
and having to feel the same towards him is everything we ever need.

I love Allah.
and I love u because of Allah.
Missing u, Atikah.

Kak KD

FaReAsT AL-MuHAnDIsU said...


say it oftenly, be grateful that u r chosen by Allah.. cry for it and be consistent with it.

"Kita mulia kerana Islam. Oleh itu janganlah kamu cari selain drpdnya." Umar RA

pendekar mata hati said...

To kak kd: thank u.. syukur sgt2.. saye pon rindu kak akak. teringat zaman kite nek motor same2 dulu.huhu..

To Faris : thanz. hope that i can b consistent wif my belief